Women’s Artistic Gymnastics


Shire Gymnastics is proud to have some of the top gymnasts in NSW and Australia in our WG program; providing great results at Regional, State and National competitions. Our WG program offers training for Level 1-10 National and Level 1 & 4 state stream. Our outstanding level of talent is encouraged by our coaches who are highly qualified, supportive and motivational. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve such great results with a friendly and positive environment.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is the perfect sport to teach your daughter co-ordination and confidence, develop creativity and contribute to her general health and fitness

Development Group (or Pre-Levels) by selection only

Gymnasts wanting to convert from General Gymnastics to Levels Gymnastics undergo a transitional period. They will build on their skills and increase strength and flexibility. All in preparation for the competitive stream of Artistic Gymnastics.

Levels Gymnastics

The four artistic apparatuses are:-

Gymnasts need to use their athletic qualities as they run with speed at a sprung board and then onto the vault where they will transfer the speed they have gained from the run into power as the perform a combination of aerial and acrobatic skills in the air prior to landing onto soft matting.
Best explained as poetry in motion, gymnasts need precision as they perform a sequence of swinging movement predominantly continuous to make up a bars routine.
On beam, gymnasts need to display a combination of jumps, turns and acrobatic sequences. To achieve this they need to have flexibility as well as power. Beam is truly a conquest of balance and concentration.
On floor gymnasts get to express their grace and personality. They perform a choreographed routine to music where they alter between powerful acrobatic tumbling sequence incorporating their gym skills and a dance element. This is the only artistic apparatus done to music. This apparatus allows the gymnast to show their individuality with originality and artistry as the key element.
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