Rhythmic Gymnastics

Shire Gymnastics boasts one of the strongest Rhythmic Gymnastics programs run by Amy Beth Owen in NSW with gymnasts consistently achieving State, National and International representation. We are the only specialised, dedicated Rhythmic Gymnastics program in the Sutherland Shire and our staff are extremely friendly, passionate and most Importantly experienced with many being top level gymnasts themselves. Our family feel paired with outstanding quality gymnastics is second to none. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an amazing sport, which lends itself well to dancers and performers alike. It’s a fantastic blend of expressive movement combined with the handling of equipment, which offers the best all-around physical and mental development for young women. If you like the benefits of dance, acrobatics, ballet and expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics then your daughter will LOVE Rhythmic Gymnastics!

We have a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities and we’d love to hear from you!

For more information or to book a trial please contact Amy Beth on 0411 480 114 or  at  rg@shiregymnastics.com.au
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The five rhythmic apparatuses are:-

Rope is made of hemp or similar material. The length of the rope is in proportion to the gymnast’s height. Gymnasts perform leaps, skips, swings, throws and circles with the rope to music.
Gymnasts use a hoop that they can decorate themselves (usually to coordinate with their leotard). Skills include rotation of the hoop around the body and hands; they need to through and over the hoop. Other skills performed are rolls, swings, circles and throws of the hoop.
There are two clubs used in this discipline, they are usually made of plastic or wood. Both clubs are 40-50cm long, with a diameter of 30mm, and weight at least 150g. When gymnasts perform a routine with clubs they do small circles, mills, throws and catches with as many symmetrical movements/figures as possible.
Rhythmic balls are made of plastic or rubber with a diameter of 18-20cm weighing 400g. They come in a variety of colours and designs that the gymnast can co-ordinate with their leotard. Gymnasts are not to grip as much as hold the ball, they are to use both hands while performing throws, balance, rolls and catches. Routines are to have flowing continuous movement.
Ribbons are 6 m long and are made of satin or similar material attached to a fibreglass rod 50 – 60cm long. Gymnast’s co-ordinate spirals, circles, swings, serpent and snake spirals with throws. Ribbons are the best known and most captivating of all the rhythmic apparatuses.