NSW State Multiples Championships 2014

Posted on Nov 24, 2014

November 15th 2014

Rhythmic NSW State Multiples Championships

Results Category 4

Same pair-

Mikaela Bull & Rebecca Luhur   2nd place

Same tri0-

Mikaela Bull, Rebecca Luhur and Lauren Price 1st place

Category 3

Same pair-

Charlotte Parmenter & Georgia De Silva  1st place

Hannah Banks & Mikayla Chesworth   2nd place

Mixed pair-

Annabelle Revel & Sarah Williamson  1st place

Georgia De Silva & Scarlet Hoban  2nd place

Mixed Trio- Georgia De Silva, Hannah Banks and Vitoria Camporeale  1st place

Category 2

Same pair-

Angelique Birrell & Lillian Ross  1st place

Hailey Townsend & Phoebe Madsen 3rd place

Caitlin Harper & Sara Campion 4th place

Mixed trio-

Alexandra Melicher, Georgia Conway and Maddison Mackenzie  1st place


– Aimee Rigg, Alana Rowney, Erin Ford and Maya Hancock 5th place

Category 1


Amy-Mary Davis, Angela Ingram, Aya Matsumoto and Letitia Dawson  4th place

Ashleigh Roberson, Brielle Mann, Heleena Giorgianni  and Ruby Deeth  5th place

Congratulations to all our Multiples competitors, Fantastic results.

Go Shire!


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