How big are your class groups?

 We maintain a student teacher ratio of 9 to 1 or fewer (Kindy Gym 6 to 1) to facilitate individualized instruction.

Do you do make up classes?

Yes we do offer make up classes for Kindy Gym and all General Gymnastic classes. Make ups need to be pre-arranged and taken within the current term. 

What does my child wear to the class?

Upon registering gymnasts receive a club shirt which they wear to lessons, with shorts, tights or tracksuit pants. No denim, skirts or restrictive clothing. All gymnasts are to have their hair tied back and no jewelry is to be worn to classes.

Do I need to stay at the centre during my child’s class?

No! Go an enjoy a coffee or a walk. Kindy Gym parents may be asked to participate in the class depending on your child’s ability. If you are not actively participating in the class we ask that you view the class from the foyer. Parents &/or siblings are not permitted to sit around in the gym as it disrupts the program and children.

All General Gymnastics classes – Parents are not expected to stay during their child’s class. However you may do so and view the class from the foyer. Parents and siblings are not permitted in the training area at any time.

Can the children bring food and drink along?

We ask that the children only bring water to the gym, as the only purpose it serves is to keep their bodies hydrated. No other food or drink is permitted and Shire Gymnastics is a nut free facility.

Do we offer Birthday Parties?

No sorry, we do not hold parties in the gym

Do we do Gymnastics for Adults?

No sorry we do not have any gym classes for Adult Gymnasts.

When can I register my child?

We accept enrolments at any point throughout the term/year as long as there is a spot available in the class you are after.

What is the difference between General Gymnastics and Competition Gymnastics?

General Gymnastics gymnasts only train one day per week for fun. They follow a ten week program within which they train on all the equipment. The aim for this program is fun, fitness, building confidence and learning new skills.

Competitive Gymnasts only train on the apparatus (equipment) set for their discipline. Competitive gymnasts learn all their skills without faults as they will be judged on their ability at competitions. Competitive gymnast’s hours/days increase as they move up through the levels. There are 10 levels within each discipline starting at Level 2.